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Friday 30th November 2018

Thank you to everyone who supported our event in aid of the Royal British Legion's Poppy appeal to commemorate Hereford's History and the WW1 Centenery.

It was unfortunate that the lovely vocalist 'Mellissa Hollick' was taken ill with 'Strep Throat' and had to cancel, but thanks to the amazing 'Peter Fletcher' who saved the evening by stepping in at the last minute and gave a wonderful rendition of WW1 and WW2 songs whilst playing the piano.

Thank you to Tom, Jude and Jo from the Hereford College of Art, who read a moving extract from the War Diary from the 'March 1918 Spring Offensive'

After all the costs of the event we managed to donate £148.25. Thankyou.

The artefacts of WW1 'A Soldier's Story' are currently on display in Hereford's Broad Street Museum.