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From 2016, the Government's auto-enrolment workplace pension is being phased in for all small to medium size businesses. Every employer with at least one member of staff, will now have new duties including putting those who meet certain criteria into a workplace pension scheme and contributing towards it. Employees don't have to do anything to be enrolled into your pension scheme. It is the responsibility of the employer to assess each employee and follow steps set out by the Pensions Regulator to enrol their employees in a workplace pension.

outsource your payroll to us and we can complete all the duties required and keep you fully compliant

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setting up your pension

assessing your employees

ongoing processing

We can enrol you as an Employer into a qualifying workplace pension scheme and liaise with the pension provider on your behalf. You can choose your own pension provider, check your existing one or choose one of our delegated schemes such as Nest (National Employment Savings Trust) or True Potential (Legal & General). You can read more on these providers below.

We will assess your workforce and communicate with the workers in writing. To qualify for auto-enrolment employees have to be aged between 22 and up to state pension age, and earn more than £833 per month. We will set up the qualifying criteria and input the employee information to the pension provider and into the payroll software. We will submit your 'Declaration of Compliance'.

With each payroll processing period an assessment of the workforce is required. Dealing with requests to join and leave the pension scheme, monitoring the ages and earnings of your staff, managing payments and refunds into the pension scheme, keeping accurate records, these are all part of the ongoing duties. We will upload the pension information for the pay period to the pension provider, and inform you what the amount of your pension liability is for that pay period.

Find Your Staging Date

To find out your staging date, have your employer's reference ready and follow the link. Find my staging date.

Delegated Workplace Pension Providers

Nest (National Employment Savings Trust)

NEST was set up by the government to make sure that every employer would have access to a high-quality workplace pension scheme for auto enrolment. It is easy to use and employers and employees can securely log in to view their pension details. For more information click here.

True Potential

This auto enrolment service enables employees to track their pension 24/7 online and via True Potential Investor on a mobile, tablet or smartwatch. Employees have access to their own True Potential Investor account where they can set a goal for their pension and monitor performance. Employees will automatically be enrolled into their standard Legal & General pension scheme. Employees can also top-up their pension on-the-go with True Potential’s world-first impulseSave® service, which allows people to make micro-payments into investments such as pensions. For more information click here.


TD Accounting & Payroll is not an IFA.

We do not accept any liability for the services that the pension providers listed above provide. As payroll advisors we are allowed to suggest and offer delegated pension providers to keep employer's compliant, but this in no way constitutes to financial advice. If you are in any doubt, we strongly recommend that you seek financial advice from an Independant Financial Advisor.

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